Q-FLO™: No drip male luer closed system transfer device, currently available commercially, worldwide.
The I³ Q-FLO™ Closed Male Luer connectors offer the following distinct features and benefits:

  • Closed, No Drip, Valved Connector, with neutral bolus displacement, and dry disconnect;
  • Near universal inter-compatibility with other female luer connectors, including the Smart Site™, and the Clave™ or Micro-Clave™
  • Complete swabability at the top of the connector, with flat smooth surface allowing for true friction disinfection during pre-access swabbing.
  • Sequential Locking Mechanism.
    1. Disconnected and closed system.
    2. Joined and closed system.
    3. Connected and open system.

  • The Only Product with a Visual Indicator confirming the status
    of connection.
  • Q-FLO™ is cleared by the US FDA for use in reconstituting, dispensing/transferring, administering, and disposal of potential hazardous fluids, such as chemotherapy, radioactive isotopes, and blood products, as well as non-hazardous fluids.